Surprise Music Video for Odreii!

"Record breaking Music Video production"

A halloween special from Production UP who teamed up with Odreii, MBMC and Tropical Koala to create a visual for Runs in mi Blood!


A co-production of MBMC Productions, Productions UP, Tropical Koala

Producers: Elodie Lorrain-Martin, Maude Lafrance Director and art director: Véronique Bossé

Choreographer: Axelle Munezero

Director of Photography: Do Phan Hoi

Assistant Camera and gaffer: Giodarno D’Alonzo

Stylist and costume designer: Dave St-Pierre

Makeup artist: Maude Lafrance

Makeup Assistant: Sara Deslauriers

Dancers (Asymmetry Creations): Gabriela Jovian, Solene Fillion, Martine Castera, Eloise Caza, Jessica Gauthier, Krystina Dejean, Stephen Quinlan

Set photographer: Adrian Kurbegovic

Location: Cinepool / Grandé Studios

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada and FACTOR.


Runs in mi blood - Odreii

Produced by Soke Written by Audrey Laurencelle,

Zacharie Raymond, Clément Langlois-Légaré

Distributed by Higher Reign Music Group / Sony Music Canada