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Combining Female Pitched-down vocals with a cutting-edge mainstream sound, rising Producer Pakø’s upbringing in Casablanca informed his ability to create songs with an undeniable global appeal. A self-taught guitarist at the age of 9, Pakø quickly made his way onto local bands and festivals, eventually moving to Montreal to develop his music production and advance his career.


His organic approach to creating music inspires collaborators to think outside the box and embrace spontaneity, giving his songs the same feeling of a live show. Pakø blends the musical influences of his past with the machine-like synthesizers and drum pads of today’s songs, presenting a fresh new take on modern pop.

In 2016, Pakø produced the music for the live show of holographic virtual singer Maya Kodes. In 2017, he worked on sound design for interactive plays such as Rouge et Jaune Brillent les Étoiles. In 2018, he co-produced and co-wrote the song ''Not Alone / Je Serai Là'' featuring Corneille and Joshua Moreno for the 3D animated movie Racetime / Snowtime 2 distributed in more than 120 countries by Films Seville. He then worked as a sound designer for Quebec singer Melissa Bedard, under the direction of André Leclair. He also produced couple of singles for independent artists.

He recently dropped his Debut Single ''Tears of Love'' that made its way onto Spotify Canada’s Viral 50 playlist, peaking at #25. It was followed by his 2nd Single ''Two of us'' already landing on Spotify’s Release Radar playlist and serving as the soundtrack for many popular Instagram stories. He then released single ''Fire'' and ''Moonlight'', featuring respectively DJ The Dual Personality, and producer Daro.

Pakø is now working on the debut EP of singer songwriter Odreii, along producing singles for other independent singers, and doing sound design for radio ads jingles.


Latest Production/Songwriting:​

   - Tears of love by Pakø (HRMG, Sony Music Canada, 2018)

   - Two of us by Pakø (HRMG, Sony Music Canada, 2018)

   - Fire by Pakø (HRMG, Sony Music Canada, 2018)

   - Vodka Tabac by I.V. (Independent, 2018)

   - Not Alone / Je Serai Là by Corneille & Joshua Moreno (Blu Dog Media, Musicor, 2018)