For more than 30 years, the Quebecer and multi-talented artist performs as a comedian, tv host or as an actor, for the Francophone audience from all over the world. A real showman, in the vein of versatile artists such as Will Smith, Jamie Foxx or Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) - who themselves began as comedians - Anthony aspires henceforth to expand his horizons. Forever immersed in the musical universe, he is regularly invited to sing in programs and special events. He is the one who has been called upon to interpret the male role (attorney Billy Flynn) in Quebecer and French

productions of the renowned musical “Chicago”... The artist delivered one of the most outstanding performances of his career. If Anthony is used to sing in his comedy shows, these are his recent performances in the animated movie “Vaiana” (Quebec) / “Moana” (Europe) in which he lends his voice to the main character “Maui”, along with  “Aladdin” (where he interprets the Genie) which rekindled his passion for music, pushing him to realize the dream he had long cherished, to perform his own songs.  

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